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Tkachov Design&Engineering - Mechanical Engineer 3D CAD

Винт-гайка 3D (screw-nut)

Проект Винт-гайка 3D SolidWorks (screw-nut) Чертежи 2D Rendering in PhotoView SolidWorks  

3D/2D Screw drive design — SOLIDWORKS

Customer sketch 2D3D modeling SolidWorks2D Drawings for manufacturing

3D CAD/ 2D Drawings SolidWorks

2D sketches 3D modeling 2D Drawings

3D Evaporator for eyelids — SolidWorks

sketch and 2D drawings3D modelingRendering SolidWorks

Crane water for kitchen 3D modeling and for production drawings

Crane water for kitchen 3D modeling Production drawings ISO 3D Rendering SolidWorks

Box for device 3D SolidWorks and drawings

Box for device 3D SolidWorks Drawings SolidWorks Rendering SolidWorks  Google+ Engineer CAD 3D

3D notebook SolidWorks modeling and rendering

*** I have a ~11.5″ x 8.5″ x .75″ paper notebook I need modeled for marketing purposes. The notebook shall be black on front and rear covers. The notebook shall have 142 pages making it .75″ thick. The notebook shall have a buyer provided logo on the front bottom right corner. The notebook shall have…
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Modeling 3-D Printer SolidWorks (drawings, rendering)

Modeling 3-D Printer SolidWorks      3D-printer — a peripheral device using the method of layering the creation of a physical object in a digital 3D-model. In foreign literature, this type of device is also called fabberami and three-dimensional printing process — Rapid Prototyping.      2D drawings SolidWorks (DIN, ISO, GOST) Service manual illustration…
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КОМПАС-3D: 3D modeling, Drawings

3D моделирование в Компас-3D Оформление конструкторской документации Векторизация изображений