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Prototype NIGHT LIGHT model E

Creating silicone molds plastic housing












Prototype Astronaut

Creation 3d model in SolidWorks

  • Create 2d sketches;
  • Create 3d model of the body;
  • Development of internal design.




















Creation 3d model of the second part











Create 3d model of assembly











Print 3d parts on the 3d printer (FDM technology)

  • Accuracy of printing — 100 microns;
  • Filling — 100%;
  • Material — ABS plastic (white).

ABS-plastic — impact-resistant technical thermoplastic resin based on acrylonitrile copolymer with butadiene and styrene.

— Opaque; — It is colored in various colors.
— Nontoxicity under normal conditions.
— Durability in the absence of direct sunlight and ultraviolet.
— Resistance to alkalis and detergents.
— Moisture resistance.
— Oil resistance.
— Acid resistance.
— Heat resistance 103 ° C.
— Wide range of operating temperatures (from -40 ° C to +90 ° C).
— It dissolves in esters, acetone, ethyl acetate.
— The density is 1.02-1.06 g / cm³.

— Preparation of parts for 3D printing.











FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)  — production technology, widely used in the creation of three-dimensional models, in prototyping and in industrial production.

FDM technology means the creation of three-dimensional objects by applying consecutive layers of material that repeat the outline of the digital model. Typically, as materials for printing are thermoplastics, supplied in the form of coils of yarns or rods.


— The process of printing to a 3d printer.











3D printing is finished.


For the prototype, also, another type of 3D printing was applied (SLA technology)

SLA (Laser Stereolithography) — one of the technologies of rapid prototyping.

This method differs from the others in that it uses as a «building material» not powders, but photopolymers in the liquid state. In a container with a liquid photopolymer, a mesh platform is placed on which the prototype is «grown».

With the help of this technology, a three-dimensional object designed on the computer is synthesized from the liquid FPK by successive thin (0.05-0.2 mm) layers formed under the action of laser radiation on a moving platform. As a rule, the processor for forming horizontal sections preliminary transforms the description of the 3D model of the future object from the STL-file format into a set of stratified sections with the required pitch in height.

  • Accuracy of printing — 35 microns;
  • Material — standard photopolymer.


Prototype handle
for carrying packages and bags

Creation 3d model in SolidWorks

  • Create 3d model of the body;
  • Create rendering SolidWorks;
  • 2D drawings with overall size;
  • 3d print prototype handle;
  • Development of a silicone mold;
  • Filling the prototype handle;
  • Production of an experimental batch of parts.

3D modeling

Rendering SolidWorks

3d print prototype handle










Development of a silicone mold

Production of an experimental batch of parts